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The TYM 3515 tractor, a member of the Series 2 compact tractors, offers a perfect blend of versatility and power. With its compact design and impressive 35 horsepower engine, this tractor is ready to tackle a wide range of tasks on and off the field.

​TYM 3515 Compact Tractor: Versatility and Power Combined

The TYM 3515 tractor, a member of the Series 2 compact tractors, offers a perfect blend of versatility and power. With its compact design and impressive 35 horsepower engine, this tractor is ready to tackle a wide range of tasks on and off the field.

Perfect for Various Applications:

Whether you're involved in arable farming, construction, snow clearing, or landscaping, the TYM 3515 tractor is designed to excel in various applications. Its compact size allows you to navigate tight spaces and work efficiently in narrow areas between garden beds. From tilling and leveling the land to scattering soil and seed treatment, this tractor helps you achieve your agricultural goals. Additionally, the shorter variations of the TYM 3515 make it suitable for smaller greenhouse operations.

Powerful and Customizable:

The TYM 3515 tractor combines a 35 horsepower engine with a customizable transmission, tires, and implements, providing you with maximum control for handling any job. The tractor's high-torque engine ensures exceptional performance, while the customizable features allow you to optimize the tractor for specific tasks. Whether you need an HST or Synchro-Shuttle transmission, the TYM 3515 is equipped to meet your requirements.

Enhanced Operator Experience:

The TYM 3515 tractor is designed with the operator's comfort and convenience in mind. The ergonomic lever placement, suspension seat, and high visibility instrumental panel ensure that the operator can work comfortably and efficiently. With features like forward and reverse HST (3515H) and a high-capacity fuel tank, this tractor is built to keep you productive and energized throughout the day.

Reliable and Efficient:

TYM tractors are known for their reliability and efficiency, and the 3515 is no exception. With a naturally aspirated engine designed and manufactured by TYM, this tractor offers exceptional performance while remaining eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. You can rely on the 3515 to deliver power and reliability for all your agricultural needs.

Technical Excellence:

For those seeking detailed specifications, M&M Equipment in Winnsboro has a comprehensive list of technical details on the TYM 3515 tractor. From engine and powertrain information to hydraulic system specifications, you can access all the necessary information to make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

Upgrade Your TYM Tractor:

To further enhance the capabilities of your TYM 3515 tractor, consider compatible options and accessories. From tire upgrades to other practical accessories, you can customize your tractor to suit your unique needs.

The TYM 3515 compact tractor offers versatility, power, and customization options to meet the demands of various applications. When you choose M&M Equipment in Winnsboro, LA, you not only get access to the TYM 3515 tractor at a great price but also benefit from our exceptional service and support. We are committed to ensuring that your TYM tractor meets and exceeds your expectations. Visit us today to experience the TYM 3515 difference at M&M Equipment.

Technical specifications

Not sure which tractor is right for you? Compare the specifications of each tractor model.


                                                           3515R                              3515H


Engine manufacturer   TYM A1700N2 IDI      TYM A1700N2 IDI

Type                                     Natural Aspiration    Natural Aspiration

Gross engine power         35 hp | 26.2 kW            35 hp | 26.2 kW

PTO power                           30 hp | 22.5 kW            30 hp | 22.5 kW

Rated engine speed             2600 rpm                        2600 rpm

No. of cylinders                              3                                           3

Displacement                        104.5 cu. in.                    104.5 cu. in.

Air cleaner                              Dry Element                   Dry Element

Alternator                                   12V, 50A                          12V, 50A

Fuel system                                    IDI                                        IDI


Transmission type            Synchromesh                          HST

No. of speeds                          F12xR12                            3-Range

Max. traveling speed           14.4 mph                         18.8 mph

Brakes                                   Wet, Multi-disc             Wet, Multi-disc

Steering                                  Hydrostatic                     Hydrostatic

Clutch                                 Dry Single Plate                           No


Pump type                     Single Gear Pump        Single Gear Pump

Implement flow                     4.3 gpm                               4.3 gpm

Steering flow                            8 gpm                                   8 gpm

Total flow                                 12.3 gpm                            12.3 gpm

Category, 3-point hitch              I                                              I

Hitch lift capacity                   3306 lb                               3306 lb

Hitch lift cap. (24” behind link ends) 2425 lb             2425 lb

Lift control type                     Position                              Position

# std. remote valves    Optional (Max. 4)         Optional (Max. 4)


PTO type                               Independent                    Independent

PTO control                       Wet, Multi-disc                Wet, Multi-disc

PTO rear                                     560 rpm                             560 rpm


Fuel tank                                        7.1 gal                                  7.1 gal

Coolant                                          5.28 qt                                5.28 qt

Crankcase                                      4.5 qt                                  4.5 qt

Transmission/Hydraulics sys.   8.9 gal                            9.8 gal

Front axle                                        1.7 qt                                   1.7 qt


Overall length w/ 3-pt hitch   120.9 in.                           120.9 in.

Overall width                                  56.3 in.                             56.3 in.

Wheelbase                                      65.7 in.                             65.7 in.

Height to top of ROPS               97.3 in.                              97.3 in.

Min. ground clearance               14.4 in.                             14.4 in.

Min. turn radius with brakes     7.51 in.                              7.51 in.

Min. turn radius w/o brakes       8.5 ft.                                8.5 ft.

Weight with ROPS                       3183 lb                             3163 lb


R1 Agricultural - Front                   8-16                                   8-16

R1 Agricultural - Rear                 12.4-24                             12.4-24

R4 Industrial - Front                 28x8.50-15                    28x8.50-15

R4 Industrial - Rear                 43x16.00-20                 43x16.00-20

Upgrades for the Series 2, 3515

Complement the capabilities of your TYM tractor with compatible options and accessories.


Tire R1 Agricultural Tires F 8.0-16 R 12.4-24

Tire R4 Industrial Tires F 28x8.50-15 R 43x16.00-20

Technical Specifications

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